Story- The Boy Who Tried To Escape Death- Last Part

The Boy who tried to escape Death

( Last Part )

As Ahmad walks towards the magical gates, they slowly open releasing an incredible scent out in the open. Ahmad’s hair is pushed back as the wind gently strikes against his body.

He enters the large magical dome, and there before him is an incredible garden of literally thousands of large colourful flowers and bushes never seen by man. Streams of blue and green water pass through the land like meandering rivers, the water passing along at a generally fast speed. As the water hits against the banks of the rivers, splashes of water rise and suddenly turn into hundreds of colourful fruits resembling bubbles, floating around, waiting to be picked by someone and eaten. All along the banks of the rivers are magical gems and rubies in colours unknown to man. Ahmad runs towards the river laughing and in an ecstatic mood. He quickly places his arms deep within the magical water, which feels so soothing and cool. He takes some water in his hands and takes a sip. The flavour is beyond imagination, similar to that of a magical tropical fruit. He finds one of the floating fruits resembling a bubble and takes it in his hand. He takes a bite, his teeth easily sinking into the almost see through fruit. He cannot believe the flavour, something indescribable. He spends time enjoying the fruit around him when he suddenly hears laughing in the distance. He turns around in shock and there in the distance is a small group of Muslims sitting together enjoying a Hugh feast. He smiles and quickly runs up to them.

“Assalaamu’Alycom dear Brother. Come join us.” One of the Brothers calls to him smiling.

“Wa’laycom Assalaam!” Ahmad says excitedly.

He is given a golden plate full of rice, lamb and salad. The food looks flawless. Not a single defect can be found in the food.

“Mashah’Allah! So this is it? No more sadness and worry? I still cannot get over the excitement that there will never be any boredom, sadness, pain or worry!” Ahmad says.

The Brothers around him laugh.

“Wait until we enter Paradise and see the Face of our Allah.” One Brother says.

“AllahuAkbar!!!” All of the Muslims call out.

Suddenly a multi coloured cloud appears over them and a shower of gems fall upon them like snowflakes. Each gem is edible, a delicious sweet given to them by Allah. An angel suddenly appears to the Muslims and says, “Dear Slaves of Allah! This is a small gift from Allah to thank you for praising His name.”

“AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar!” The Muslims continue to scream out in extreme happiness, tears appearing from their eyes. Just the thought of Allah loving them is beyond words and description. No gift can ever be compared to being loved by Allah.

Time passes on, not affecting the Muslims within the magical dome.

Ahmad lays upon a bed of a material made only for the pious, watching above as small gem like leaves float around in all directions, releasing a beautiful scent attaching to anything it touches.

Ahmad slowly looks to the left and what he sees is something he could not possibly imagine would happen?There, before him, is his mother, father, two brothers and his sister! His whole family is there before him!

“Mama! Dada! My Brothers and Sister!!!” He rushes towards them and hugs them tightly.

“My son! My son!” His mother cries out, crying out of extreme happiness.

“How? By Allah how?!” Ahmad calls out in tremendous exhilaration.

“Well by dear Son. 10 years after your death, we went to Hajj. It was the most exhilarating experience ever. Nothing could be compared to standing among all the Muslims bowing down to Allah.

While in Salat al-Layl (night Prayer), your mother and I made big Du’a to Allah to grant us a place with you in the Hereafter. After coming back from Hajj, we were all in our car driving back home reciting Qur’an, when suddenly we were struck by a truck and we all died by the will of Allah.”

“SubhanAllah! What is also shocking was when you mentioned 10 years! It feels I was here for only a few days! I thank Allah so much that He has united my family with me!”

An angel suddenly appears before the family.

“No more sadness, no more division. You were united upon the Earth and were separated at death. You have now united for the second time, and unity will be for eternity. You will be a family forever. You will enter Paradise together, without end. You will be loved by Allah forever!” The angel calls out smiling towards them.

“Lah Illah Ha Illallah! Takbeer! AllahuAkbar!” The family call out hand in hand.

“Mama! Dada! And my dear brothers and little sister! Come and I will show you around, for there is so much to show you in here, and even with this, I have only seen a fraction of what is in this Hugh magical dome. Imagine what will be in Paradise!!!” Ahmad calls out in excitement indescribable.

There they went: Ahmad, his mother, father, brothers and little sister, off to enjoy a magnificent feast with the rest of the blessed brothers and sisters within the magical dome of wonder. Muslims that will be united forever. A unity that will grow for eternity to come. A love and family bond that will continue to grow between them forever and ever?

The End.

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Story- The Boy Who Tried To Escape Death- Last Part



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44 responses to “Story- The Boy Who Tried To Escape Death- Last Part

  1. imran

    Thanks for nice story is beautiful and inspirational JazakALLAH

  2. muhammad atif khan

    thank you soo much to shair this story

  3. shajid usman

    i wish dat may allah bring us to the right path as soon as possible……..

  4. HASSAN.....

    WALLAH…i couldnt hold on my tears….every part i read,,i begin to cry…..
    i myself have committed sins,,,,but from now INSHALLAH ill be a true muslim……

  5. sadia khan

    Subhan-Allah !!!
    This Is The Most Beautiful Story I Have Ever Read Till Date…
    Jazak-Allah Kair 🙂

  6. rehan

    Thanks for nice story is beautiful and inspirational JazakALLAH

  7. Abdirahman

    Masha.ALLAH,brothers and sisters lets fear Allah coz its 4 our own benefit,the story will completely change my life inshALLAH.,jazakallahu kheir


    assalamo alaikum ….. the so nice n beautiful story i hav ever heard i couldnt hold on my tears….every part i read,,i begin to cry cry n cry ..
    i myself have committed sins many times ,,,,but from now INSHALLAH i will be a true muslim….. n i will try my level best insha ALLAH AAMEEN ……i wish dat may allah bring us to the right path as soon as possible… insha ALLAH AAMEEN
    jazakallahu kheir

  9. Honey Gal

    By now this is the most amazing story i have ever read. SubhanALLAH SubhanALLAH. And I will try my level best to change myself in a way to please My Allah. May Allah forgive all my sins and guide me to the right path. And May He Forgive my parents and my siblings and My Friends and My Teachers and Unite me with them In Paradise. Ameen

  10. Haseeb Ahsan

    The story really touched m aheart … loved it 🙂

  11. Haseeb Ahsan

    The story really touched my heart … loved it 🙂

  12. Nashreen

    Assalam alaikum…..this made me cry..Its really heart touching…O Allah(swt) grant all muslims jannathul firdous…Aameen ya rabbal alameen…..

  13. tawfeeq


  14. zuhura

    da story is really touchin

  15. sheh

    this story is great as itll help me 2change maself inchaallah
    But there is something that is very bad in this
    It is mentioned that ahmad will be able 2 c allah’s face
    This must neva b said as we dnt kno how allah is

  16. Subhanallah I couldn’t hold on my tears very beautiful story jazakallah for sharing with us allahtallah hum Sab ko hidayat de ameen

  17. Shazi Shireen


  18. Shaheena

    Jazakallah or opening our eyes to Azab-E-Kabra n Akhirat. May Allah forgive my sins n shower his mercy on me. Ameen. Summa Ameen.

  19. SubhanALLAH.. This story is realy inspiring.May ALLAH forgive all my sins and guide me to the rite path.Ameen

    ALLAH Hu AKbar

  20. Shayaan

    Most beautiful and rewarding story i’ve ever read …

  21. Sameer Khan

    Assalam valykom,
    Oh allah forgive me….
    Oh allah forgive my sins….
    Guide all of us to the right path….
    This story is a lesson to imrove ourselves.
    Dear friends spread this story to every corner of the earth…
    I, myself take vow to spread this story to all inshallah…
    Plz i request all here who read this story to remember me, this story poster and all muslims in their dua’s for their forgiveness and guide them to right path.

  22. Muhammad Haroon

    At one point I almost cried, i guess it will definitely change my life again. Thanks Noman for sharing and all who spread this beautiful story out.
    May Allah Bless me and give me strength to complete my self towards Allah swt will.

  23. nazra

    the best story i have ever read.

  24. sadika khan

    masha-allah…. a great story that shakes our souls deep within….

  25. NOORA


  26. tahira

    jaza ALLAH khair! it was really a touching story! May ALLAH forgive us and grant us wid paradise!

  27. tahira

    *jazakallah khair!

  28. syeda ayesha mujahid

    A v Heart touching story for muslims.. thanx for sharing such a nice story :)))

  29. mehran usmani


  30. saba qadir khan

    Mashallah,,,,,,,,,,!!!! it really touched my heart…….Powerful msg you got there…….May Allah swt guide us to the straight path…AMEEN!

  31. Thanks for sharing a wonderful story…inshaallah Allah sabko namaz aur Quran pardhne ki taufik ata farmaye aur app ko iska sawab zaror atafarmaye.ameen

  32. Monis Zafar

    SUBHANALLAH what a inspirational story

  33. Mansoor

    Subhana allah, masha allah, jazak allah
    really really nice story
    touches hearts

  34. Ovais

    Allah ho akbar….!!! could ‘t hold my tears , oh Allah please forgive us , you are great, merciful and all power whats so ever we can imagine belongs to You only. You are the only God and You are pure and “wahdahu la shareek a lahu”

  35. ajmal

    oh allah i have done several mistakes ….there are several public mistakes that i have done .

    several secret mistakes too …

    i am amidst of sin ooh my allah …forgive me for what i have done .

    i was not ignorent but i stil done several mistakes .forgive me allah ..there is none other than you who forgive .

    oh alah forgive me .forgive tha mankind .forgive every one .

    you are the lord and we all are our slaves .i wish to leave as ur slave .
    asthagfirullahil aleem …

    alhamdu lillah

    its allah who happend me to read this article . insha allah i will never do any sin in my future ..words are not enough to praise you allahu akbar ..allahu akbar

  36. muhammad kabeer

    ya ALLAH plz 4give my sins….. plz grant me hidayath and unite me wid my parents in jannah… inshaALLAH….. 4 give evry muslim sin and grant hidayath 2 evry1 on dis earth… AMEEN AMEEN YA RABBUL ALAMEEN..

  37. Saima

    MASHA-ALLAH…this story is really touching..may ALLAH tala guide d entire ummah in d same way…

  38. Mohammad Sharief

    Ya Allah Forgive Me My Sin’s!
    Ya Allah!
    Jazak’Allah Khairan!

  39. RIDA

    Mashallah……soooooooooooo magnificent. merciful.n kind z our lord..v can,t even imagine…He still provides us wth the best…while v keep on denying n letting him down every moment ov our lives…
    May ALLAH forgive us…our families, parents, n frnds…May ALLAH help us 2 strenghtn our iman…n do the best v can….

  40. Syirah

    SubhanALLAH!! what an inspirational, iman boosting story!! i want to print this Insha’ALLAH ❤

  41. hina altaf khan.

    Ay ALLAH please forgive us all there is none other then you ALLAH who will forgive us you blessed us so much and we didnt praise and thank you like we should thankfull to you and we need you in every second of life be with us ay ALLAH – ALLAH-HO-AKBAR. this story is enough for any muslim to get the sirrat-e-mosttaqeem. as ALLAH and mohammad guided us.

  42. authentic shona

    i hav no wrdz 2 describe hw im feelin ryt nw………
    i thank all da people who hv made der best efforts to let evry1 knw abt dis…..
    may allah guide each n evry individual to da ryt path n may v all lay in paradise 4 evr……SUMMAMEEN…..

    Im thnkful 2 all da ppl who hv made der efforts 2 spread awareness

    thnk u soo vry much……!!

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