Why I Am CRY??? [Poem]


One and only deen of Allah is Islam
It is so simple and easy to follow
In any case there is no harm
my beloved prophet if he sees his ummah he will be moved with deep sorrow.

I whole heartedly crying seeing our muslims
each and every soul is struggling most of the times
they try to follow what is not for them
dunya is the ultimate goal they treat it as rhythm

starting from the birth of a child
kathna it is a sunnah they make it a celeberation
the celeberations continue there is no band
marriage is a compulsry need of two humanbeings it becomes a burden

they fight against their capacity
to please another person
why not think of Allah’s capability
where are the feelings of murakaba? are they hidden

i am crying that they are following the foot path of shathan
while there is a real foot fath of our prophet
one day their hearts will open
they will clearly reveal what was inside
It will be too late on that particular day
how can i explain to them? why not thinking of that day
how lucky to born as a muslim
why dont they take advantage of this resting place
iam strifing for making this religion so difficult
Also so much complicted
i want to shout in each and every ear
however will they reach to their heart?
answer is blowing in the wind
i am still crying and making dua for them.

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