The Names Of Allah.

The Names Of Allah.

There was a time; I had no time for Islam, no time to turn to Allah, no time to learn why I was on this earth and why I was created. I lived a carefree life, working all week and blowing my money on music and having late nights out with my friend indulging in all things that I wasn’t supposed to. I was happily married with 5 children and had recently invested in a beautiful brand new house. I was not neglectful of my wife and children we enjoyed family time together, and days out. I loved them all a lot, I thought my life was beautiful; I was what you call ‘enjoying every moment’.

However I was neglectful of Allah,(A’oodhubillah)I neglected my Salaah, my Zakaat, my Ramadan , never desired to go for hajj nor affirmed my Shahada daily , in fact I didn’t even know nor understand the true essence of what La illaha really meant neither did I strive to find out. I rejected religion every time somebody advised me about it.

Then one day I lost it all, due to some difficult circumstances, my wife and children left me. With them I lost my home, my family, my own self respect…. I had nowhere to turn. I turned to Allah. I remembered the time my 10 year old son had asked me to come and pray with him ,Which i was close to completly reject.

Today I have nothing, no wife around me nor children, no money nor a luxurious house or car. I have only Allah. Through my times of hardship I reflected upon my life, I thought I had everything, but how could I have everything when I didn’t bring Allah into my life?

After attending the first weekend of Valley of the Seekers course held by (Al Magrib Institute), I reflected deeply and realised that today if I am praying 5 times a day , observe full 30 days of Ramadan, give in charity and had a beautiful invitation to Hajj last year….. This can only be the work of Al- Hameed. The Praiseworthy. I praise Allah for bringing me to Him , when I shamelessly rejected Him. I praise Allah for His unlimited kindness and blessings upon me even after I had shown much ungratefulness, I praise Allah Al-Hameed who brought me out of the darkness into light, I praise Allah Al-Hameed for making me realise my mistakes and blessing me with knowledge and Imaan. I praise Allah Al-Hameed for giving me the opportunity to praise Him through his Beautiful name Al Hameed.


During the break up of my marriage I had felt low , lost without my children and my mother whom I had recently lost and my father whom I didn’t really get a chance to spend my life with as he passed away when I was only 13. When I moved into a one bedroom flat from a beautiful 3 bedroom detached house , I felt lonely and isolated. When my hours at work were deducted and I was on low income just about managing to pay the rent, I realise it was only the work of Al-Jabbar who took care of my emotions, it was only Allah- Al-Jabbar The Superb Comforter who comforted me and restored my feelings for me when I was lonely and felt low. It is only Al-Jabbar who gave my mind peace and soundness enabling me to carry on with life with a positive attitude. As only Al Jabbar knew my inner feelings and how to look after them.

Al Waliy

My life today is dedicated to Allah Al Waliy , as I know and have learnt that it is only Al Waliy – who is The Protecting Friend of His servants. I know it is only Al Waliy who has supported me and brought me to where I am today…. For many people I may have lost everything….. For others I may not have a family (married with kids), a nice house, money or even status. But I don’t worry nor do I need anything, I’m not lonely anymore nor do I feel lost. Today I have everything, as I Know I have Allah- Al Waliy my Protecting Friend and my Nearby Guardian.

Prepared by: IMRAN ALI
Poem Category: Eternal Truth
(The Truth of God from God himself)


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