[Poem] To a non-muslim woman :::

To a non-muslim woman

by Abdul Wahid

When you look at me
All that you can see
is the scarf that covers my hair
My words you can’t hear
because you’re too full of fear,
mouth gaping, all you do is stare

You think it’s not my choice
in your own “liberation” rejoice.
You think I’m uneducated,
trapped, oppressed and subjugated,
You’re so thankful that you’re free.

But non-Muslim woman you’ve got it wrong
You’re the weak and I’m the strong.
For I’ve rejected the trap of man.
Fancy clothes – low neck, short skirt
those are devices for pain and hurt.
I’m not falling for that little plan.

I’m a person with ideas and thought.
I’m not for sale, I can’t be bought.
I’m me – not a fancy toy,
I won’t decorate anyone’s arm,
nor be promoted for my charm.
There is more to be than playing coy.

Living life as a balancing game – mother,
daughter, wife, nurse, cleaner, cook, lover
and still bring home a wage.
Who thought up this modern “freedom”?
Where man can love’em and man can leave’em.
This is not free, but life in a cage.
Always jumping to a male agenda
competing on his terms.
No job share, no creche facilities,
no feeding and nappy changing amenities
No time off for menstrual pain,
“hormones” they laugh “what a shame”
No equal pay equal skill
your job they can always fill.
No promotion unless you’re sterilised.
No promotion unless you’re sexually terrorised.
And this is liberation?

Non-Muslim woman you can have your life.
Mine – it has less strife.
I cover and I get respected,
surely that’s to be expected,
for I won’t demean the feminine,
I won’t live to male criterion,
I dance to my own tune
and I hope you see this very soon.
For your own sake – wake up and use your sight.
Are you so sure that you are right?



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11 responses to “[Poem] To a non-muslim woman :::

  1. Farhat Sherazi

    Most beautiful poem.It is quite true we as muslims females should always take care of our modesty .Fear Allah and try to keep ourselves chaste n clean .May Allah Pak help us in our endeavours …amin Sum Amin .


    nice poetry…..

  3. michael Terry

    Yes their has never been a time in western /european so called culture when woman as a class need to be protected. – Rape is very common in – Australia , one suburb in melbourne was reported to have some 100 woman raped in less than 12 months. Sydney is much worse, the violence, rape, assault of white australians by imigrants/forighners is on the rise. – They have crushed the aboriginal and sold the white man out in the name of economic development. (money) The white australian woman/girl/kids are being raped, sexually assaulted in their own country by imigrants of other faiths than ours. (christian) If you want to destroy humanity then just demoralise woman as a class.? (mothers) Multi culture is not working in the western/european world, interfaith dialogue is required throughout the world. Unity in Diversity, Diversity in Unity. Woman as a class in Australia/America/Europe are getting around like prostitutes, and the men are going from one prostitute to another. – No human /spiritual development. -Only economic development , economic development for economic development sake, – They say technology is the answer, – we are all suffering from this mentality. – Mental depression/ disorder is the number one problem in the western world, – suicide in Queensland Australia is the highest rate per capata in the world. – In Australia we have to compete for a job in our own country against so many forighners, imigrants, it is not possible to purchase a home in your own country, for the forighners,imigrants have most of the jobs,land,homes. The prices of our parents/grandparents homes are now selling for some millions of dollars to the ignorant forighners. We are both being cheated. – Their is so much unrest in the money loving western world that given any opportunity to critise other cultures it is quickly done. _ The reality is their is a great need for woman as a class to present themselves moraly, be of proper conduct, present themselves as human beings, clean,moral,chaste,pure,well spoken, socially responsible, carrying within them some form of godlieness, for we are all children of God. – Not 2 legged animals, polished animals. Cover up yourself when going out this will go a long way in obtaining – respect, honour,caring,love, self respect – show human qualities when going out, and socialising, having dinner with friends,loved ones, family,neighbours, Not look and behave like – prostitute. – Who will respect you? Rape is high in the world why??? Is she a prostitute ? she dresses like one??? MMMMMM -Cover up, To thy own self be true. As far as possible be on good terms with yourself. Love thy self. Honour thy self. Thy family. Thy loved ones. Present yourself properly in human society and you will be received properly. The muslum people have been in Australia since the 16th century, they were indonesian muslums.Muslum camel traders pioneered parts of inland Australia in the 17th century. The muslum people have been in this land before the european settlers, the muslum people married the native aboriginals during these times, and settled here. The Afgan train express is named after these early pioneeres of Australia. It is not our position to critise the muslum woman who wear the Hijab,but rather it is the position of the muslum woman to perhaps realise that we are all living in the 21st century and it would be a good idea to update the Hijab to a more – colourful,artistic,beautiful,cultural,heritage,traditional,social,spiritual,loving,caring,sharing manner. – For the rest of us it is important to always remember to – Love thy Neighbour.

  4. Virginia

    well I was reading that post,
    and As I am a spiritual faith belive and trust in God.
    I wish tell that clothes we wear not means we are easy woman, or woman muslin wear means are right woman.
    here man respect us we wearing what we wear.
    It is cultural and that for me must be respected
    we must respect religion all kind
    No one is right or wrong. it is ours choice wich one we want to be
    So my thought is If I want be respected I must respect
    problem is that judice muslin judice no muslin
    no muslin judice muslin
    If each one respect anothers choice so world must be much better to live
    I have many muslin friends and we respect each others ours lives
    and I grow a better person each day , becose i meet many persons from any culture and religion and they all respct my view about life and religion as I do respect they too
    so all we need is love and respect that ours limit end when start anothers limit
    Hapiness to all

  5. Saint-Etienne

    Very nice saying whoever has said. I think people in west are so much lost in their world that they forget the meaning of respect. This is the least category when someone is thinking to get respect from others speaking. Respect comes from deep of the heart. People think to be good in their jobs and on face-to-face discussion then they respect each other. This is the moral responsibility not the respect. Respect comes after this moral responsibility. I have seen people who talks about girls so violently that if girls listen them they never talk with them again. Or may be they get more attach if they like that non sense talk. Actually the problem is that they believe only life in the world not life after death. So they want to enjoy a lot in their life but they enjoy by drinking and pass their life in frustration. They cannot tolerate anyone in their lives not even their husband. They are so independent that they even cannot tolerate their old parents. Sometimes I get so much pity on them when they are drunk and falling on the roads again and again. I have alot to say but if someone wants to listen. Hope you will think about it more optimistically. Have a good day.
    Saint Etienne

  6. gohir

    aslamalikum.beautiful poem.michael terry its a wounderful.thanks for the informations you share.

  7. irig.kamal

    nhi hai wo baap jo khareed ker dy kapra,nhi hai wo bhai jo kh ske phen burka,nhi hai wo maa jo sikhae hya kia hai,nhi hai wo behan jo sikhae perhn kia hai…nhi hon wo mai jo khe k khuof ALLAH ka hai…………………………………………………kia hum muslim hai.?

  8. abdul

    HI ALL everybody have differrent opinion n they have right…i am agry with virginia…n disagree with some of points of this poem…as virginia said ofcourse we should have respect each other n others religion as well don,t criticise any religion just tell yours religion good things,n in western culture they take it like fashion….burka aur scarf(veil) it,s does,n mean that this women are very gentle aur naik…make ur character strong,if u have strong character mens can,t trape u…i am living in uk now 4m many years n i see here some women with less cloth like mini skert aur open neck but character wise they are more strong some of even pakistani women,,,plz if anybody hurt with this i don,t mean that this is my personal opinion,if any body hurt plz forgive me….n one more thing again plz don,t criticise others try to make urself good muslims others will inspire with u if u criticise them they will hurt..keep in mind this thin plz

  9. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  10. Say, you got a nice article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

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