Ahmadiyyah (Qadianiyyah) in the Light of Islam

Brothers and Sisters in Faith Of Muslims,

Guard well your emaan as when the angel of death comes for your soul you are well pleased in the manner you are leaving to meet your Lord.

Ahmadiyyah in the Light of Islam

Who are Ahmadiyyah?

Ahmadiyyah (Qadianiyyah) is a movement that started in 1900 CE as a plot by the British colonialists in the Indian subcontinent, with the aim of diverting Muslims awayfrom their religion… and from the obligation of jihaad in particular, so that they wouldnot oppose colonialism in the name of Islam.

Thought and beliefs of Ahmadiyyah:

(1) Ghulam Ahmad is a Prophet:
Ghulam Ahmad began his activities as an Islamic daa’iyah (caller to Islam) so that he could gather followers around him, then he claimed to be a mujaddid inspired by Allaah. Then he took a further step and claimed to be the Awaited Mahdi and the Promised Messiah. Then he claimed to be a Prophet and that his prophethood was higher than that of Muhammad {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam}.

(2) Regarding Almighty ALLAAH {SWT}:
The Qadianis believe that Allaah fasts, prays, sleeps, wakes up, writes, makes mistake and has intercourse – exalted be Allaah far above all that they say.

(3) Regarding Prophethood:
The Qadianis believe that Prophethood did not end with Muhammad {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam}, but that it is ongoing, and that Allaah sends a messenger when there is a need, and that Ghulam Ahmad is the best of all the Prophets.

(4) Regarding Quran, Ahadith:
They say that there is no Qur’aan other than what the “Promised Messiah” (Ghulam Ahmad) brought, and no hadeeth except what is in accordance with his teachings, and no Prophet except under the leadership of Ghulam Ahmad. They also believe that their book was revealed. Its name is al-Kitaab al-Mubeen and it is different from the Holy Qur’aan.

(5) Regarding Islam:
They believe that they are followers of a new and independent religion and an independent Sharee’ah, and that the friends of Ghulam are like the Sahaabah.

(6) Regarding Sacred Places of Islam:
They believe that Qadian is like Madeenah and Makkah, if not better than them, and that its land is sacred. It is their Qiblah and the place they make hajj to.

(7) Regarding Jihad Fisabilillah:
They called for the abolition of jihaad and blind obedience to the British government because, as they claimed, the British were “those inauthority” as stated in the Qur’aan.

(8) Regarding Muslims:
In their view every Muslim is a Kaafir unless he becomes a Qadiani, and everyone who married a non-Qadiani is also a kaafir.

(9) Regarding Haram Goods:
They allow alcohol, opium, drugs and intoxicants.

Bottom line: May ALmighty ALLAAH {SWT} guide these misguided people, Ameen.


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